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Product Code : ZI-5096

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Shipping Time : Dispatch Time From Zana Warehouse 5 To 7 Working Days (Mon - Fri)

Brand name : JAWA

Product Condition :

6 Months Paint/Powder Coating warranty (not against accidental) Replacement against manufacturing defect.(Limited to replacement of Spare Part only)

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Product Description

** Dispatch time from zana warehouse is 5 to 7 working days. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays are not included.

**Top rack are not compatible for aluminum boxes

**Top Rack comes with pillion backrest as standard

  1. Patent Design exclusively available from ZANA MOTORCYCLES.

  2. Steel Pipes used to mount the top box tray.

  3. Proper weight distribution and mounting using 5mm under-seat plate

  4. Cold Rolled Powder Coated Steel Tubes used for manufacturing.

  5. Precision Welding for uniform finish and strength.

  6. All nuts and bolts of Stainless Steel (100% Rust free) included as standard

  7. Industrial grade polymer Spacers included acting as vibration dampeners

  8. 6 Months Paint/Powder Coating warranty (not against accidental)

  9. Proper shade matching with the bike chassis.

  10. Loading Capacity 5-7  Kgs on smooth tarmac riding. For rough road use, it is advisable to reduce vehicle speed or weight carried in the top box.

  11. Warranty will be void in case of any modifications.